Yanir Dekel for A Wider Bridge


"Frum Gay Girl" is one of the most interesting blogs on the web, bringing personal true stories from the Jewish orthodox religious world, anonymously. We caught up with the girl herself, to find out a little bit more about her own personal background, and her motives for writing this blog.

The stories on the blog Frum Gay Girl, which we often promote here on A Wider Bridge, are so interesting and dramatic that it sometimes seem like they are fictional: the woman who was married for 25 years before admitting to herself that she's a lesbian; or, the girl who found out her mom is bisexual. But for Frum Gay Girl, who is already known in the Chassidic-lesbian community, these stories just keep on coming, and they get hundreds of views every day- even months after posting.  "Many of the amazing people I interview are friends, or friends of friends, or people I've been talking with for years who aren't out in their communities," she tells in an exclusive interview with A Wider Bridge. "More recently, I've been getting some stunning referrals, so thanks for those!"

What motivated you to start this blog?

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