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6 Signs That It's Time To Redesign Your Synagogue Website

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 12:00am -- jen@jvillagenetwork

You'd be hard-pressed to come across a synagogue in 2017 that does not have a website. However, just because a synagogue has a website, it does not mean that it will be a successful one. Eventually, your site will need a tune-up, but how do you know when it's time to redesign your synagogue website? Here are 6 tell-tale signs that it's time to invest in a refresh.

7 Ways To Share The Passover Guide With Your Community

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 12:00am -- jen@jvillagenetwork

Passover 2018

You've added our Passover guide to your website - hooray! If you build it they will come, right? Well, sort of. Embedding the guide on your website is the first step to engaging your community, but unless your members know it's there, how will they be able to check it out?  We understand that promoting something new can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be.

Optimizing Your Synagogue Website For SEO: Spotlight On Keywords

Tue, 02/28/2017 - 12:00am -- jen@jvillagenetwork

seo for synagogues

Ever wonder why some synagogues in your area show up on the first page of a Google search results query and why others are relegated to page 2 or 3? By better optimizing your website for SEO (search engine optimization), you can gain visibility online and boost your site’s standing in a search engine's results.

Getting the Most Out of Your Time at a Conference

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 1:17pm -- jen@jvillagenetwork

The joint NATA-NAASE conference is right around the corner! We are gearing up to go on the road and hope you are, too. But, before you pack your bags, we recommend having a strategy in place to make the most of your time. Live events - like conferences, provide an amazing opportunity for you to connect with like-minded colleagues, sharpen your skills, and gain new insights into how you can make your organization thrive.


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