Beyond the Basics Website Notes and How-tos

Please note: Not all Jvillage websites are configured with the features covered in these notes, and permissions to access certain features may be limited. Contact your website administrator or Jvillage Support to find out if your website supports a given feature.

Anchor/Bookmark Links

Add Anchor/Bookmark links to same page and link from other pages



Upload and link audio files

Embed audio players from third party hosts



Add Blocks to the Home page

Add/Remove Blocks in subpage right column

Edit Blocks from the Home page front end

Edit Blocks from the back end

Edit Blocks for the Home page Styles 6 & 7

Edit Blocks for the Home page Styles 8 & 9



Create a blog

Alias Blogs

Add Blog tags/subjects

Change Blog Author or Post date


Calendar/Calendar Feeds

[In order to change what type or number of events that show in a feed or add a custom event feed to a subpage or homepage, please contact Jvillage Support for assistance.]

Add Events on Style 6/7 Sites

Add Calendar Filters



Add a Facebook Feed

Add Video embed


Forms (Webforms, Payment Forms)

Create a subtotaling form

Clone a subtotaling form

Edit Confirmation Message

Set-up email notification

Report on form results

Create and Clone a subset

Create a Check/Cash option


Home page

[If you would like to add a Quick Links block to the homepage and/or subpage, please contact Jvillage Support.]

Add Blocks to the Homepage

Move content or blocks

Images and Blocks on Style 6/7 Home Page

Images and Blocks on Style 8/9 Home Page


Image Mangement

Getting your images in shape (and size)


Photo Gallery

Add a photo album


Slideshow (Home page Roller Images) for Core Styles 1-4

Getting your Roller images in shape (and size)

Add images and text


Slideshow (Home Page Roller Images) for Enhanced Styles 6-7

Getting your Roller images in shape (and size)

Add images and text


Slideshow (Home Page Roller Images) For Styles 8-9

Getting your Roller images in shape (and size)

Add images and text



Change format to no-right-column, no-left-colum, one-column, and content-only

Add custom blocks to right column


User Management

Defined User Roles and permissions

Create User Accounts


Theme Color

Change theme color on Styles 8 & 9



[You can follow the same steps to embed a video iframe as you would any other iframe such as an audio player or live streaming feed]

Embed a third party video


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