Our Team

  • Mark Yaschik


    • I am connected to growing our Jewish communities through website solutions
    • To living a Torah-filled life
    • To cherishing my wife and children
    • To learning and growing every day
    • To appreciating the endless summers of Atlanta
  • Jill Minkoff

    Director of Operations

    • I am connected to shifting the Jewish paradigm from one of surviving into one of thriving
    • To nurturing and growing communities of interconnectedness and support among all people
    • To living as if each day is an artistic creation
    • To exploring new perspectives and possibilities 
    • To being a trusted friend and confidante
  • Jean Elizabeth Shockley

    Project Manager

    • I am connected to living out my life and faith through Torah, tefillah, teshuva, and tzedakah
    • To tikkun olam and community volunteering
    • To using my skills in organization and education to serve Jvillage and its Members
    • To Creation and all the wonder, awe, and nurture it offers me daily
    • To living sustainably and being thankful
    • To that still, small voice of intuition
    • To the memories of loved ones
    • To dancin' like nobody's watchin'
  • David Punia

    Project Manager

    • I am connected to the world through positive relationships, music, and the lens of Judaism
    • To tikkun olam, living efficiently and pursuing environmental responsibility
    • To family and the wonderful people I have helped nurture into adulthood
    • To humor, a valuable gift that distinguishes us as human beings
    • To technology and powerful, beneficial uses of the Internet
    • To mitzvot and tzedakah through volunteerism and furthering good causes
    • To science and nature, through photography, wandering in the woods, and watching night skies
  • Jen Lieberman

    Member Communications and Support Manager

    • I am connected to my husband, family and friends
    • To loving my Baby girl Sophia
    • To New York City, the place I was born
    • To Vermont, where I now live
    • To learning something new every day
    • To dancing and music and laughter
  • Daniel Lefebvre

    Application Developer

    I am connected to my family and friends, and to my wife -- who is both
    To Vermont, where I was born and where my heart is no matter where I go
    To learning, which continues to be my favorite thing to do
    To art and fiction, which remain my favorite ways to learn
    To Marlboro College where my mind grew up
    To games of all types because they help keep my spirit young
    To the values I was raised with which I try to live by
    To God who provides meaning

  • Judy Alexander

    Social Media and Content Curator

    • I am connected to my family; my parents and siblings who raised me, and my husband and children who sustain me
    • To the ocean where I grew up, and the mountains where I now make my home
    • To the arts that nourish my soul with theatre, music, dance, and literature
    • To my friends, who keep me real
    • To my Jewish heritage which has shaped my world outlook and every fiber of my being
  • Redmond Deck

    UI Designer / Developer

    • I am connected to improving the aesthetics of the Internet
    • To California where I was born
    • To Colorado, Oregon, and Vermont where I grew up
    • To continually think of ways to improve websites' functionality
    • To art whether it be photography, graphic design, or web design
  • Molly Ritvo

    Partnership Development and Digital Marketing Associate

    • I am connected to my precious family & the excitement of starting my own
    • To Vermont, my home state & where I found a passion for cross-country skiing, pink snow pants, sunsets over the waterfront, and potlucks
    • To Judaism, for giving me a spiritual home wherever I go
    • To gratitude, kindness, yoga, and the power of positivity
    • To traveling to warm beaches and to far away places inside the pages of great fiction
    • To celebrating until further notice
  • Tim White

    Technology Manager

    • I am connected to my family, near and far, and our shared history
    • To Vermont, the place I was raised and taught my values
    • To my motorcycle, that brings me to places both physically and spiritually
    • To fairness -- because everyone deserves a chance to contribute
    • To kindness, which should never be confused with weakness
    • To the idea that people will live up to -- or down to -- your expectations of them.
  • Donna Liebert


    • I am connected to my sons Ryan and Derek and their wonderful perspective on life
    • To the stillness of the snow-covered back trails of Vermont from behind the power of my sled (snowmobile)
    • To finding an hour a day, (or sacrificing sleep), to indulge in a few chapters of fiction
    • To exploring all kinds of possibilities with a beautiful piece of cut glass
    • To my teammates and educators at Jvillage Network
    • To 60s Rock and Motown—there is no other
  • Yoram Samets


    • I am connected to the Jewish people
    • To living the internet rollercoaster ride
    • To youth—it's what drives culture
    • To the breakdowns that pave the way for breakthroughs
    • To passion
    • To Maimonides